Carlie Evans Photography: Blog en-us (C) Carlie Evans Photography (Carlie Evans Photography) Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:09:00 GMT Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:09:00 GMT New Oleans I had a solo adventure to the French Quarter on a Thursday morning… Around 9am.  As my feet hit the pavement I immediately noticed the streets were wet.  But it hadn’t rained.  There were not many out and about.  The few that were “wandering” were “homeless”.  But were they really?  Asking for money was their profession.  And they had it mastered!  What would one call this profession?    A “Capital Canvasser”? 

I grabbed my phone and looked at travel tips for New Orleans.  I guess I should have done this prior, ‘cause it was highly recommended to keep your money close to you and “stay on the beaten path”.  As the typical tourist with a camera, I was focused on the sites above.  What happens when you don’t look where you are walking?  Your flip-flopped-foot lands in a large, deep puddle.  If you have ever been to New Orleans, you get it.  Turns out the wet streets are a result of the building owners’ hosing their sidewalks down.  Must be the best way to clean off the spilled drinks, the pee, the puke and who knows what else from the hours before!  GAH!  I stepped in a concoction of New Orleans best.

The next day I brought back up.  I thought I would feel more at ease having my 6’ 1” boyfriend with me.  Unfortunately, he was more of a target for the “Capital Canvassers”.  New Orleans natives are some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met!  So, we walked, talked and Joe made some donations along the way. 

The French Quarter is so easy to navigate.  As everyone recommended we had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde.  We found that shorter line in the back of the building and hung out on their sitting wall enjoying those mouth watering beignets.

The venders in the Square reminded me of a smaller Mallory Square in Key West. 

Some cemeteries are above ground due to being at sea level.  

Everything else was as expected.  Cool architecture, lots of bars/restaurants, fun shopping, tons of drunkards.  Everyone should experience this intriguing city just once!

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Clothesline Festival I collected our welcome packet and sorted through the info – Found it!  My name tag.    This one was different.  It said Carlie Evans.  Artist.  Really?  I have a degree in Engineering, and a license to sell Insurance.  How do I qualify as an “artist”?  Then it happened again – I heard someone ask, “Are you the artist?”  and I laughed out loud.

How did I get here?  I’m selling my pictures…  In a tent…  At an art festival.  AND even better?  People are buying them!  What an incredible compliment.  Thank you shoppers!  (Please shop again soon)

Well, being this is a photography blog, I feel like I have to post a picture…  This was a popular image at the show –  The Fairport Lift Bridge.

Next stop?  Orchard Park, NY!  (Go Bills)  See you there????

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Park Ave Fest The Park Ave Fest came and went too fast.  It was great catching up with old friends (Pat, Donna and Jill, I’m not referencing your age) and making new ones.  The start up of any business is tough and the encouragement you give is a HUGE motivation.  So, thank you.

Sooooohhhwww….  This was our fourth show and by far the best.  Joe and I always” post game” and one thing we agreed to improve on?  When someone asks how I created an image, my response should NOT be, “if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”  Some people don’t get how hysterical I am.

On a serious note, my 16 year old daughter, Jenna, hung out the whole time.  She tried to answer questions, which was cute.  She did an awesome job arranging the prints.  Here is a horrible picture, but great memory…

Lots of Request Forms filled out.  High Five!!!  Some of your suggestions?  The Old Post Office, Frontier Field, Tilly the Tug Boat on the Canal, and grape pies from Cindy’s in Naples (as my mouth waters) – thank you Jenna and Chris!  There were so many more – I can’t wait to grab my camera and go!

Our next art festival is the Clothesline in September.  Stop by and check out new images and new products!  (maybe some printing on tile?)  Great gift ideas – Christmas is only 136 Days away….

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THE ROCHESTER SUBWAY I found it!!!  Waaaayyyyy FREAKY!  Underground, pitch dark, deserted for miles… My iphone wasn’t strong enough to hit distant corners.  I wondered if there was anyone or anything watching me?  Normally I’d high-tail it outta there, but I couldn’t help but drool at the photo ops!  Yes, I brought Joe.  I think he was more spooked than me…  And when Joe gets anxious, he starts consuming trivia via iphone.  He was reading some cool Rochester history.  If you have time check out this site on the Subway….

Rochester Subway Link

But more importantly – Look at these!!!

Subway Reflections in Water.

Joe is in that back doorway holding his iphone with flashlight.  Such a good sport!





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Corn Hill Arts Festival BEST SHOW EVER!!!  I have lived in Rochester, NY most of my life but have never walked the Corn Hill Arts Festival.  I have missed out!

My first time here was not experienced as a shopper, but as a vendor.  So COOL!  When we arrived on Friday evening to set up (in neighborhood front yards), I hear a voice, “Welcome!”.  There was a couple on their front patio having dinner.  They both stood up to say hello and welcome us.  That set the tone for this whole show.  Everyone was soooo NICE and sincerely welcoming!  (I would have been like, “get off my front yard” – Kidding!  Kinda.)

Elsie spent the day with me.  I had to sell just to keep up with her spending!  She met two friends in the same situation – mom as a vendor.  They had a blast wandering the show and shopping…

My dear friend Nikki and her sweet daughters walked (and walked) to find our booth.  Our pastor and his wife (and family) stumbled upon us.  And we had a “Be Back” (those of you who say, “I’ll be back”, but never come back!) that actually came back!!!!  AND he couldn’t remember our location, but walked and walked and walked (Do you get that there was a lot of walking at the festival?) to find us.  These people are such an encouragement to me.  Thank You!!!!

Take a look at what we sold (and what you can buy online with free shipping til the 17th).

Click here to take a look!


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Graduation “Graduation Speech: I’d like to thank the internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Word, and Copy & Paste.”

MY, how times have changed since my college graduation.  Wiki-what?

A week ago I got a call around 6am (In my world, 6AM = less -than-one-cup-of-coffee-AM) from a potential client requesting a session for her daughter.  Something about University of Rochester, Graduation, Texas and “today at 11am”.  Calendar check and was I was available.  Yay for me!

Side note – I contemplate often with pursuing my photography career.  It is a tough job! (Wah Wah) No reliable income, no office to chat daily with co-workers, and like any form of art – it’s completely subjective.  Some people love my work.  Some people – not so much.

As I walked around the University of Rochester Campus with a proud mom and a new college grad, the passion for my career was reignited.  Watching the mom-daughter connection at this special time of their lives was heartwarming.  It was a great session.  By the end, it was hard to say good-bye.  They were packing up and driving back home to Texas.  I probably won’t cross paths with them again.  How is it after a two hour session, I feel like family???

Then I shift gears… excitement for editing!  A week of editing where some of these images literally make me laugh out loud.  Many give me that warm and fuzzy feeling – a great capture!  So, here are a few I’d like to share.  Again, some people love my work.  Some not so much!  So if you are the “not so much”…  Zip it!

Congratulations Michelle!




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OUR FIRST ART SHOW I’ve walked my share of art shows…  Who doesn’t love shopping outside in the fresh air?  Browsing the tents to spend a few bucks on the non-essentials.  Maybe some unique jewelry or kettle corn!  YUM!  Let’s not forget the “people watching” – I can spend hours sitting and watching the crowd.

Well, tonight I sit here freaking out!  I am going to be one of those vendors, in a tent  (probably in the rain) for you to browse through my non-essentials.  (ha ha)  Wanna see my world right now?

That’s only one section of a room in our home!

So…..  If I can pull it all together by tomorrow, please come and wish us well on our new venture… Carlie Evans Photography’s first art show, the Lilac Festival.

If you can’t make it (or are afraid to melt in the rain), browse through our online store.  Take advantage of our Introductory Pricing and FREE SHIPPING!

Click here to Shop Online!


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Santa‚Äôs Gone International There was a Santa sighting in East Aurora, NY yesterday morning!  I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but it’s April.  The truth is, Chuck Facklam and Carlie Evans Photography have been performing “snow dances” in order to get a Christmas-Themed Photo Session with Chuck’s Antique Auto – An International Scout.  So you can thank us for the winter weather in April.  I think it was worth it!  Check it out…  Feel free to offer a caption for the last image!

Santa’s Gone International
Santa’s Sleigh Ride

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Christmas Cards As a Professional Photographer I LOVE going to the mailbox in December!  Christmas Cards!  Christmas Cards!  Christmas Cards!  I drop everything I’m doing to tear into those envelopes.  As the month passes, I love glancing at my fridge where a HUGE variety of personal photo cards are on display – Pictures of my dearest friends and family.  My kitchen doorway, strung with greeting cards, reminds me of how many people bless my life.

Last year I mailed cards with my kiddos looking out our “snow-covered” windows.  Candles lit, pensive looks & burnt chins (I had no idea the candle was too close to Landen!)  Let me give you the scoop on that session!  I was outside on my ladder, with the backdrop BEHIND me (to remove the reflections in the window) .  The wind picked up, knocked my stands over, and forced me into a prize fight with my aggressive backdrop.  And if that wasn’t bad enough – It started sleeting.  I was freezing, frustrated and yelling through the window for my kids to “move right”, “chin up”, “closer to the window”…  How can something so meaningful turn into something so stressful???

This year was a little different.  Thanks to unseasonably warm weather and an unexpected moment of clarity, I took traditional pictures and designed a simple card.  Tah Daaaah!

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